Soujiyi: The Ancient Art of Japanese Cleaning

Embark on a journey through the ancient Japanese practice of Soujiyi, where cleaning becomes a form of meditation. Originating from Zen Buddhism, Soujiyi emphasises the significance of cleanliness not just for the surroundings but for the mind and spirit as well.

Understanding Soujiyi:

Explore the philosophy behind Soujiyi, which focuses on attentiveness, respect, and gratitude towards the act of cleaning.

Principles of Soujiyi:

Learn about the core principles of Soujiyi, including mindfulness, simplicity, and harmony with nature.

The Ritual of Soujiyi:

Discover the ritualistic aspects of Soujiyi, from preparation to execution, and how it fosters a deeper connection with one’s environment.

Modern Applications:

Explore how Soujiyi’s principles can be applied in contemporary settings to cultivate a sense of tranquilly and mindfulness in daily life.

Benefits of Practicing Soujiyi:

Uncover the myriad benefits of embracing Soujiyi, from mental clarity to enhanced well-being and a greater appreciation for the present moment.


Reflect on the transformative power of Soujiyi and address common questions about integrating this ancient practice into modern lifestyles.

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