Church of the Highlands: A Megachurch with Diverse Branches

The Church of the Highlands, situated in Alabama and West Georgia, holds the title of one of the largest churches in the United States. With its massive reach and multi-faceted ministries, the church attracts a diverse audience and sparks curiosity about its practices and principles. Today, we delve into the world of the Church of the Highlands, exploring its core values, unique offerings, and its impact on the community.

A Foundation in Faith and Family:

Founded in 2000 by Pastors Chris & Kim Hyatt, the church emphasizes a faith-centered approach to life, prioritizing individual relationships with God and strong family values. Through sermons, worship services, and various programs, the church aims to equip individuals and families to cultivate strong spiritual lives and navigate life’s challenges.

Diverse Campuses for Widespread Reach:

Unlike a traditional single-location church, Church of the Highlands boasts multiple campuses across Alabama and West Georgia. This multi-campus model caters to a wider audience, making services and activities accessible to a geographically diverse population. Each campus offers personalized experiences while adhering to the core values and teachings of the central church.

Engaging Worship and Innovative Technologies:

Beyond traditional sermons, the church incorporates contemporary music, multimedia elements, and technology into its worship services, aiming to create an engaging and relevant experience for diverse age groups. Live streaming options further extend the reach of the church, allowing those unable to attend physically to participate virtually.

Sundays: Reaching the Community:

The church emphasizes its commitment to serving the community beyond Sunday services. Through various ministries, volunteers engage in initiatives like providing meals to the homeless, offering support to families in need, and organizing youth programs. This focus on social responsibility reflects the church’s desire to serve beyond its own congregation.

A Diverse Congregation and Varied Perspectives:

With its expansive reach, the church naturally attracts a diverse congregation with varying viewpoints and backgrounds. This diversity can spark discussions and offer different perspectives, fostering a sense of community and understanding among members.


The Church of the Highlands, with its sprawling campuses, engaging worship, and community outreach, represents a significant force in the religious landscape. As with any large organization, it garners various perspectives and sparks diverse viewpoints. Whether its approach resonates with you personally depends on your individual beliefs and expectations.

However, regardless of your stance, understanding the church’s core values, diverse offerings, and its impact on the community allows for informed evaluation and open dialogue.


  • Q: What are the core theological beliefs of Church of the Highlands?

A: The church adheres to a conservative evangelical Christian theology, emphasizing personal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, biblical authority, and traditional family values. Detailed information on their beliefs can be found on their website.

  • Q: What are the criticisms faced by Church of the Highlands?

A: As with any large organization, the church has faced criticisms related to its size, leadership structure, and specific interpretations of scripture. Exploring diverse perspectives and engaging in respectful dialogue are crucial for informed evaluation.

  • Q: Are there other megachurches with similar approaches?

A: Yes, several megachurches across the US share similar features like multi-campus structures, contemporary worship styles, and community outreach programs. Researching and comparing various options empowers you to find a faith community that aligns with your individual needs and beliefs.

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