What Are Slingo Games, and Where Can I Play Them?

Slingo games combine the best of slots, bingo, and table gameplay. You play on a 5×5 grid that looks like a bingo card, except that there are reels underneath it. Rather than a caller telling you the number as in bingo, the reels spin and reveal the numbers that you mark off. Each spin reveals five numbers or special Sligo symbols. The symbols influence what you do on the card. 

Where can I play Slingo games?

You don’t have to learn complex strategies to play Slingo, which you can find at various online casinos. At Parx Casino Michigan, you can play a wide variety of Slingo games online using either a desktop or mobile phone.

The most popular game of the Slingo collection is Slingo Riches. This title, released in 2015, was the first-ever Slingo game you could play for real money. Other Slingo games available at Parx Casino Michigan include Slingo Lightning, Book of Slingo, and Slingo Carnival. 

How is Slingo different from slots and bingo?

  • There is much less reel space than in a typical slot game, and you can only see one space on each reel. In typical slots, you can usually see three or more. 
  • Unlike bingo, there are symbols such as free spins, jokers, and gold coins.
  • Slingo can be single-player, as in slots, or multiplayer, as in bingo. Multiplayer Slingo has a thriving social aspect to it. 

Slingo is gaining popularity as a real money game, and you may even make money on your phone when playing it. 

How many Slingo games are there?

There are 19 different Slingo games to choose from. From Slingo Riches to Deal or No Deal Slingo, these are some of the best casino games to play. The themes of Slingo games vary, but they all follow a similar format that makes them easy to play. 

  • Slingo Lightning provides a fast-paced and thrilling experience by using fewer numbers.
  • Book of Slingo is an Egyptian-themed variation of Slingo. Players must collect eight or more ‘slingos’ to trigger the bonus game, where special expanding symbols can lead to more wins.
  • Slingo Carnival features immersive and colorful gameplay. Players must mark numbers of the 5×5 grid to earn ‘slings’ and unlock up to seven bonus rounds.

Slingo symbols

The Joker is a wild symbol players can use to mark off any number in a specific column. Super Jokers are wilds that can mark off any number in the whole grid. Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers award players an instant cash prize. A devil blocks potential matches. Players can get a free spin symbol or coins that award them with instant cash prizes. 

How to play Slingo

You will get a pre-set number of spins on the reels, and your goal is to gain points by matching up as many numbers and symbols as possible with the ones on your card. Game winners are decided on a points-based system. You get points for different actions after a spin, such as marking off numbers. You can earn points for spinning some symbols like jokers or coins. In single-player Slingo, you compete against a pre-set score. In multiplayer Slingo, you compete against other players, and the player with the highest score wins. 

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