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A hallowed space for toned muscles, endorphin rushes, and pheromone warfare? If the latest TikTok trend, gabbing, gains traction, you might soon encounter a new scent wafting through the air alongside protein shakes and chlorine. But what exactly is dabbing, why are people doing it at the gym, and is it a foolproof attraction formula? Let’s dive into the sweaty underbelly of this controversial practice.

Vabbing 101: Dabbing for Desire

Vabbing, a portmanteau of “vagina” and “dabbing,” involves applying vaginal fluid to pulse points like wrists and necks, essentially as a natural perfume. Proponents believe it amplifies pheromones, those mysterious chemical signals purported to trigger subconscious attraction. While its origins remain hazy, the trend skyrocketed on TikTok thanks to anecdotal success stories of gym encounters fueled by a few strategically placed dabs.

Gym Bunnies or Hygiene Humbugs? The Arguments for and Against

Why Vabbing Might Be Your Next Big Workout Move:

Confidence Builder: For some, vabbing is an act of self-acceptance and embracing natural bodily fluids. Owning your scent, regardless of its source, can be a powerful confidence booster.

Natural Alternative: Unlike synthetic perfumes, vabbing offers a potentially allergen-free and personalized scent experience.

The Pheromone Factor: While scientific evidence on pheromones’ specific influence on attraction is still inconclusive, some believe vabbing unlocks their alluring powers.

Why You Might Want to Stick to Shower Gel:

Hygiene Concerns: Sweat, bacteria, and potential infections make a gym environment less than ideal for fluid exchange. Improper application or hygiene practices can increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis and UTIs.

Consent Conundrum: Applying your scent without someone’s knowledge or consent raises ethical concerns. Consider whether you’d be comfortable if someone vabbed on you uninvited.

The Placebo Effect: The power of belief cannot be underestimated. Attributing positive interactions solely to vabbing might ignore other factors like confidence, body language, or simply hitting the gym and looking great.

The Gym Etiquette of Vabbing: Navigating the Perspiration Paradox

If you’re intrigued by vabbing, prioritize hygiene above all else. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after, choose clean clothes, and avoid applying near open wounds or mucous membranes. Remember, consent is key – keep it to yourself unless explicitly requested.

Furthermore, consider the gym’s purpose. Vabbing might not be the most professional approach in a corporate gym, but a friendlier, more social environment might offer a more receptive audience (if any). Ultimately, vabbing should be about empowering yourself, not turning the gym into a pheromone-fueled free-for-all.

Beyond the Bench Press: Exploring Other Ways to Attract Attention at the Gym

Focus on Fitness: Channel your energy into nailing that squat form or achieving a new personal best. Confidence earned through hard work is always sexy.

Strike Up a Conversation: Smiling, making eye contact, and simply saying hello can go a long way. Openness and genuineness trump any artificial aphrodisiac.

Join a Class: Group fitness activities offer a great way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for movement.


Vabbing is a fascinating trend that has sparked heated debate and raised intriguing questions about attraction, bodily fluids, and gym etiquette. While its effectiveness as a mating strategy remains unproven, it has certainly ignited conversations about self-acceptance, natural beauty, and the boundaries of acceptable behavior in public spaces like gyms.


  • Does vabbing actually work?

There’s no scientific proof of its effectiveness in attracting partners. Its success stories might be influenced by the placebo effect or other factors.

  • Is vabbing safe?

When done hygienically, it’s generally safe. However, consult a doctor if you have any concerns about potential infections or sensitivities.

  • Is vabbing appropriate at the gym?

It’s a personal choice, but prioritize hygiene and respect for others’ boundaries. Remember, the gym is primarily for workouts, not olfactory experiments.

  • Are there alternatives to vabbing?

Absolutely! Focus on self-confidence, positive communication, and enjoying your fitness journey. Attract others with your genuine energy, not just your scent.

  • Should I talk to my trainer about vabbing?

While your trainer might offer personal hygiene advice, their expertise lies in fitness coaching. Discuss vabbing with trusted friends or a healthcare professional if you have more specific concerns.

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