Demystifying the Utah Business Search: Your Guide to Finding the Right Information

Whether you’re starting a business in Utah or researching existing ones, a Utah business search is an essential first step. This search will provide valuable information about registered businesses in the state, helping you make informed decisions. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about conducting a Utah business search.

1. Why Conduct a Utah Business Search?

There are several reasons why you might need to conduct a Utah business search. Here are a few common scenarios:

Starting a Business: Before settling on a business name, you need to ensure it’s available and doesn’t conflict with existing trademarks.

Competitive Research: Researching your competitors can give you valuable insights into their business structure, size, and areas of operation.

Due Diligence: If you’re considering investing in or partnering with a Utah business, a search can reveal its legal standing and financial health.

Finding Suppliers or Vendors: Locate potential partners within the state by searching for businesses in your industry.

2. Where to Conduct a Utah Business Search

The official Utah government website, maintained by the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, is the primary resource for conducting a Utah business search. This website offers a user-friendly search tool that allows you to search by business name or entity number.

3. How to Conduct a Utah Business Search

The Utah business search tool offers two main search options:

Search by Name: Enter the business name you’re interested in, and the system will return a list of matching businesses or names containing similar keywords.

Search by Entity Number: If you already have the business entity number, you can use this option to retrieve detailed information about a specific business.

4. What Information Can You Find Through a Utah Business Search?

A Utah business search can provide you with a variety of information about a registered business, including:

  • Legal business name
  • Business entity type (LLC, Corporation, etc.)
  • Registered agent information
  • Business address
  • Status (active, inactive, dissolved)
  • Date of formation

5. Additional Resources for Utah Business Information

While the Utah Secretary of State website provides a wealth of information, there are other resources you can explore for a more comprehensive picture:

Utah State Business Portal: This portal offers resources and information for starting and running a business in Utah.

Utah Chamber of Commerce: The Utah Chamber of Commerce website can connect you with business directories and networking opportunities.

County and Local Government Websites: These websites may provide additional licensing and permit information for businesses operating in specific areas.


A Utah business search is a powerful tool for anyone researching or starting a business in the state. By utilizing the resources outlined in this blog post, you can access valuable information to make informed decisions and navigate the Utah business landscape with confidence. Remember, if you require in-depth legal or financial information, consulting with a professional is always recommended.


  • Q: Is there a fee for conducting a Utah business search?

A: No, searching the Utah Secretary of State website for basic business information is free. However, some advanced features or document retrieval might incur a fee.

  • Q: How often should I conduct a business search?

A: The frequency depends on your needs. If you’re just starting your research, a one-time search might suffice. However, if you’re monitoring competitors or tracking the status of a specific business, you may want to conduct periodic searches.

  • Q: What if I can’t find the business I’m looking for through the Utah Secretary of State website?

A: The business might be registered in another state or operate under a different name. You can try searching the business name online or contacting the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code for further assistance.

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