Orscheln Farms: A Family Business That Serves the Midwest

The name Orscheln Farms might refer to two distinct companies that are members of the Orscheln Group, a multi-industry family-owned firm. Orscheln Farm & Home is a retail network of stores that provides supplies for farms and ranches. The other is Orscheln Farm Products, a producer and supplier of supplies and equipment for cattle. These two companies are headquartered in Missouri and cater to clients across the Midwest. We will discuss Orscheln Farms’ history, values, and goods in this blog article, as well as the reasons for their reputation for reliability in the agriculture industry.

What is Orscheln Farm & Home?

Established in 1960 by farmer and businessman W.C. Orscheln, Orscheln Farm & Home is a network of retail outlets offering supplies for farms and ranches. For both agricultural and domestic requirements, Orscheln Farm & Home offers a vast selection of goods, including tools, lawn and garden supplies, hunting equipment, clothing, hardware, farm and ranch supplies, and automobile parts and accessories. There are 175 Orscheln Farm & Home stores spread over 11 states: Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio, and so on.

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What is Orscheln Farm Products?

Jerry and Bob Orscheln, sons of W.C. Orscheln, established Orscheln Farm Products in 1964 as a producer and distributor of supplies and equipment for livestock. Cattle, pigs, poultry, and sheep may purchase high-quality feeders, waterers, gates, panels, fencing, and other items at Orscheln Farm Products. For unique projects and requirements, Orscheln Farm Products further provides bespoke fabrication and design services. Moberly, Missouri, serves as the home base for Orscheln Farm Products’ production plant, and the Midwest is served by its extensive distribution network.

What is the history of Orscheln Farms?

W.C. Orscheln founded a little egg company in 1917 in Sedalia, Missouri, which is where Orscheln Farms got its start. Later on, he added hatchery, feed, and poultry operations to his business’s portfolio. To offer farmers and ranchers high-quality goods and services at reasonable costs, he founded the first Orscheln Farm & Home shop in Sedalia in 1960. Along with encouraging them to pursue their business endeavors, he also included his sons, Bob and Jerry, in the company. To produce and supply livestock supplies and equipment that satisfy their clients’ demands, Jerry and Bob established Orscheln Farm Products in 1964. As part of the Orscheln Group, Orscheln Farms expanded and entered other markets throughout time, including banking, real estate, and transportation. With pride and honesty, the Orscheln family currently owns and runs Orscheln Farms, which serves the Midwest region.

What are the values of Orscheln Farms?

Orscheln Farms is led by a set of fundamental principles that are influenced by the culture and legacy of its family. These qualities are:

Customer Focus: Orscheln Farms aims to surpass customers’ expectations by providing high-quality goods and services while also understanding and meeting their requirements and desires.
Innovation: Orscheln Farms looks for new and improved ways to serve its markets and consumers, and it welcomes change and challenges.
Teamwork: Orscheln Farms cultivates a cooperative and courteous work atmosphere by valuing the contributions and variety of its workforce.
Excellence: Orscheln Farms sets high expectations for performance and output and strives for excellence in all that it does.
Integrity: Orscheln Farms keeps its word and fulfills its obligations while conducting business in an honest, equitable, and accountable manner.

What are the benefits of Orscheln Farms?

Several advantages of Orscheln Farms are listed in the testimonials of clients and staff:

  • To meet the various and ever-changing demands of the home and agricultural sectors, it provides a large range of goods and services.
  • It offers its clients savings and value at competitive and fair pricing.
  • Its personnel are competent, kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.
  • It is in an easy-to-find and reach position.
  • It enjoys a devoted and contented clientele who believe in and advocate for Orscheln Farms to others.

How does Orscheln Farms compare with other farm and ranch supply stores?

Several user satisfaction polls and evaluations rank Orscheln Farms as one of the finest farm and ranch supply businesses in the Midwest. Both clients and staff have expressed gratitude for Orscheln Farms’ quality, value, and service. Additionally, Orscheln Farms has an excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges client happiness and loyalty.

Orscheln Farms has competition from the following farm and ranch supply stores:

Tractor Supply Company is a retail network of farm and ranch supply stores that serves customers in 49 states and provides goods and services for requirements related to homes, pets, livestock, and agriculture. To finalize the deal, Tractor Supply Company sold off a portion of Orscheln Farm & Home to other owners in 2022.
Bomgaars is a retail network of farm and ranch supply stores with locations in ten states. It provides goods and services for requirements related to homes, pets, livestock, and agriculture. In 2022, as part of the Tractor Supply acquisition, Bomgaars purchased 73 Orscheln Farm & Home stores as well as the Orscheln distribution center located in Moberly, Missouri.
Buchheit: a four-state-based retail network of farm and ranch supply stores that provides goods and services for requirements related to homes, pets, livestock, and agriculture. In 2022, as part of the Tractor Supply acquisition, Buchheit purchased 12 Orscheln Farm & Home locations.


Two distinct companies that are members of the family-owned Orscheln Group, a corporation that works in many industries, can be referred to as Orscheln Farms. The retail chain of farm and ranch supply stores is Orscheln Farm & Home. Orscheln Farm Products is the other; it manufactures and distributes items and equipment for animals. The Midwest is the target market for both of these Missouri-based companies. Along with a broad and diversified product line and a devoted following of customers, Orscheln Farms has a long and rich history. A set of guiding principles also governs the business and culture of Orscheln Farms. Orscheln Farms, a reputable and well-known brand in the farming industry, is a happy and prosperous family enterprise.


  1. Does Orscheln offer online shopping? Yes, you can browse and purchase a selection of products online for in-store pickup or delivery.
  2. Are there coupons or promotional offers available? Check the Orscheln website or app for current deals and promotions.
  3. Does Orscheln have a loyalty program? Yes, the Neighbor’s Club program offers points on purchases, exclusive discounts, and other benefits.
  4. What are the store hours for my local Orscheln? Store hours vary by location. Use the store locator on the website to find specific hours.
  5. What are some upcoming community events sponsored by Orscheln? Visit the Orscheln website or follow them on social media for information about local events.

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