Finding What You Need: NH Business Lookups

New Hampshire boasts a vibrant business scene, catering to diverse needs. Whether you’re a resident seeking a local contractor or an entrepreneur verifying a competitor’s existence, a New Hampshire business lookup can be your key to valuable information. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to conduct an NH business lookup efficiently.

Why Conduct an NH Business Lookup?

Verifying Legitimacy: Confirming a business is registered and licensed in New Hampshire ensures you’re dealing with a legitimate entity.

Finding Contact Information: Need to reach a specific business? An NH business lookup can provide essential details like phone numbers, addresses, and website links.

Researching Competitors: Gain insights into your competition by learning about their business structure and legal status.

Checking Business History: Lookup details like the business formation date and any past legal actions associated with the company.

Conducting Your NH Business Lookup

The New Hampshire Secretary of State Website: The official source for NH business information is the Secretary of State’s website ( This user-friendly platform allows you to search by business name or entity type.

Search Tips: For the most accurate results, use the full legal business name if known. Wildcard searches can also be conducted, but may yield broader results requiring further filtering.

Information Available: Basic search results typically display the business name, entity type (LLC, Corporation, etc.), filing date, and registered agent information. Further details may require a paid report.

The Basics: Additional Resources

Professional License Verification: Certain professions, like contractors or healthcare providers, require specific state licenses. Verify these licenses through the relevant New Hampshire licensing board websites.

Business Reviews and Ratings: Complement your NH business lookup with online review platforms to gain insights from past customers.


An NH business lookup empowers you to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a consumer seeking reliable services or an entrepreneur researching the market, the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website provides a valuable resource to navigate the state’s business landscape. So next time you need business information in the Granite State, remember this guide and conduct your NH business lookup with confidence.


  • Is an NH business lookup free?

Basic search functionalities on the Secretary of State’s website are free. In-depth reports with detailed information may incur a fee.

  • What information do I need to conduct a business lookup?

Ideally, the full legal business name will yield the most accurate results. Partial names or keywords can also be used, but may require further filtering.

  • How long does an NH business lookup take?

Searching the Secretary of State’s website is a quick and easy process, typically taking just a few minutes.

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