Forget Regret! Mastering the Move Relearner in Pixelmon

So you’ve trained your Pixelmon carefully, carefully selecting their moveset for optimal performance. But then, disaster strikes! You accidentally overwrite a crucial move with a less useful one, leaving your Pokémon feeling incomplete. Fear not, Pixelmon trainers! The Move Relearner is here to save the day. Let’s delve into this invaluable NPC and unlock the secrets of re-teaching your Pokémon forgotten moves.

Finding the Move Relearner

The Move Relearner doesn’t just appear at your doorstep. You’ll need to embark on a little scavenger hunt to find them. They typically spawn in Mountainous, Plains, and Ice Plains biomes, so pack your hiking boots and get exploring! Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, you can use the NPC editor tool to spawn one right at your base.

The Magic: What Can the Move Relearner Do?

Interact with the Move Relearner, and prepare to be amazed! This helpful NPC allows you to re-teach your Pokémon any moves from their level-up movepool. Remember, this only includes moves they naturally learn upon leveling up, not TMs or egg moves. As long as they haven’t forgotten the move completely and are above the level they initially learned it, the Move Relearner can restore your Pokémon’s full potential.

The Cost of Knowledge

By default, the Move Relearner doesn’t require any payment. However, server administrators can configure it to accept specific items or currency in exchange for re-learning moves. Always check the server rules before visiting the Move Relearner, and be prepared to pay up if necessary.

Beyond the Basics

Move Relearners offer more than just basic move recovery. They can also re-teach egg moves that your Pokémon bred and subsequently forgot. This opens up exciting possibilities for creating truly unique and powerful teams. Remember, egg moves often require breeding specific Pokémon combinations, so research beforehand!

Strategize and Conquer

Don’t rush mindlessly to the Move Relearner after every mistake. Carefully consider your Pokémon’s current moveset, their role in your team, and the move you want to re-teach. Will it significantly enhance their performance? Does it complement your team strategy? Choose wisely, and reap the rewards of a carefully curated moveset.


The Move Relearner is not just a safety net for accidental overwrites. It’s a powerful tool for experimentation and strategic team building. So, the next time your Pokémon needs a move refresh, don’t hesitate to seek out this friendly NPC. With knowledge and planning, you can turn “move regret” into an opportunity to unleash your Pokémon’s true potential!


  • Q: What biomes are the Move Relearner most likely to spawn in?

A: Mountainous, Plains, and Ice Plains Biomes are your best bet. But remember, you can always use the NPC editor tool to spawn one for personal convenience.

  • Q: Does the Move Relearner cost anything on every server?

A: Not necessarily. By default, it’s free. However, servers can set their own rules and might require specific items or currency. Always check the server rules before using the Move Relearner.

  • Q: Can I re-learn any move my Pokémon ever knew?

A: No, only moves from their natural level-up movepool are available. TMs and egg moves require different methods.

  • Q: How do I find out an egg move for my Pokémon?

A: Consult online resources like Bulbapedia or dedicated Pixelmon wikis. They list egg moves for each Pokémon along with the breeding combinations required.

  • Q: Can I re-learn a move if I forgot it completely?

A: Unfortunately, no. The Move Relearner only works if the Pokémon still remembers the move at some level.

  • Q: Can I suggest this blog post to my Pixelmon server administrators?

A: Absolutely! Sharing informative content benefits the entire community. Feel free to share and discuss this post on your server forums or social channels.

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