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The thrill of a new adventure, the anticipation of foreign sights and sounds, the promise of sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins – travel fuels the soul, especially for the young and curious. But let’s face it, traveling with kids, particularly on planes, can morph that excitement into a heart-pounding rollercoaster of emotions. From tantrums at check-in to sticky snacks flung across the aisle, the thought of hurtling through the sky with your mini-me’s can induce sweat beads bigger than raindrops.

Fear not, weary traveler! This family travel blog is your survival guide for taking flight with your precious cargo. We’ll share battle-tested tips, hilarious anecdotes, and enough creative activities to keep boredom at bay, proving that conquering the clouds with kids can be an epic adventure, not a white-knuckled ordeal. So buckle up, pack your patience, and prepare to transform your next family flight into a sky-high escapade!

Pre-Flight Check-In: Gearing Up for Takeoff

Packing Playtime: Forget bulky toys, embrace multi-purpose marvels! Pack magnetic drawing boards, travel-sized games, doodle books, and colorful pipe cleaners that morph into crowns, monsters, and everything in between. Download audiobooks, pack their favorite movies (with headphones!), and don’t forget the comfort blanket – a security talisman against turbulence and unfamiliar skies.

Snack Squad Assemble: Ditch the sugary grenades and fuel their journey with healthy, travel-friendly treats. Think fresh fruit, veggie sticks, homemade trail mix, and cheese and crackers. Bonus points for themed snacks – airplane cookies for liftoff, mini pizzas for Italy, and fishy crackers for a deep-sea diving adventure.

Embrace the Unexpected: Delays happen, suitcases go missing, and even the best-laid plans can crumble like a stale cookie. Stay calm, be flexible, and remember, your kids feed off your energy. Turn delays into scavenger hunts in the terminal, sing silly songs in the baggage claim, and embrace the chaos as part of the adventure.

Boarding Blues: From Security Lines to Sky High Smiles

Channel the Inner Explorer: Transform the security line into a treasure hunt, spotting airplanes on posters, counting conveyor belts, and making up stories about the people they see. Turn boarding passes into passports to magical lands, and let them stamp their own (safe, non-marker) visas on imaginary destinations.

Get Comfy, Cozy, and Content: Invest in comfy travel pillows, airplane harnesses for nervous flyers, and noise-canceling headphones for peace-loving souls. Let them choose a window seat for cloud-gazing or an aisle seat for stretching their legs. Remember, their comfort translates to your sanity.

Inflight Entertainment: Beyond the Screen: Don’t get sucked into the screen vortex just yet. Start with interactive games – “I Spy” with airplane parts, counting clouds that look like animals, or playing word games using the letters on the safety card. Pack craft supplies for origami fun, create paper airplanes that soar down the aisle (safely, of course!), or tell stories based on the shapes of passing clouds.

Turbulence Tamers: Keeping Calm When the Skies Get Bumpy

Breathe Together, Fly Together: Deep breathing exercises work wonders for both kids and adults. Lead by example, show them calming techniques, and turn it into a game – who can blow the biggest bubble with their belly breathing? Distract them with silly singalongs, read aloud from their favorite book, or pull out a comforting snack to munch on.

Embrace the Thrill: Reframe turbulence as a bumpy roller coaster ride, a magical cloud dance, or an opportunity to test their astronaut skills. Use humor to diffuse tension, make up stories about the plane bouncing on fluffy clouds, and encourage them to draw what they “see” during the bumps.

Pack Emergency Goodie Bags: These lifesavers should be filled with surprises, not just essentials. Think mini bubbles, glow sticks, silly putty, and small, quiet toys. A surprise treat or a new coloring book can turn a meltdown into a moment of delight.

Mealtime Magic: Turning Tray Tables into Gourmet Gardens

Kid-Friendly Cuisine: Don’t let airplane food be a source of stress. Pre-order kid-friendly meals if possible, or pack familiar snacks and drinks to supplement the in-flight offerings. Get creative with presentations – cut sandwiches into fun shapes, make fruit kabobs, or serve veggies with a healthy dip.


As your plane touches down, and the pitter-patter of tiny feet replaces the drone of the engines, remember that conquering the clouds with kids was an adventure, not an endurance test. You navigated tantrums, mastered mealtime mayhem, and transformed boredom into an air-borne playground. You created memories that soar beyond the clouds, proving that family travel, even with the inevitable hiccups, is a tapestry woven with laughter, connection, and the thrill of the unknown. So pack your courage, your patience, and a healthy dose of silliness, and take flight knowing that the next time you hear “Are we there yet?” it’s just the prelude to another sky-high adventure.


  • What if my child is afraid of flying?

Talk openly about their fears, answer their questions honestly, and pack comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket. Practice deep breathing exercises and role-play boarding the plane. Consider talking to your pediatrician about mild anti-anxiety medication for the flight.

  • How can I manage screen time?

Set clear limits before the flight and stick to them. Alternate screen time with non-screen activities like reading, drawing, and games. Download movies or shows they can watch offline to avoid relying on in-flight entertainment.

  • What about bathroom breaks?

Choose an aisle seat for easier access and explain bathroom etiquette beforehand. Pack hand sanitizer and wet wipes for extra peace of mind.

  • How can I deal with motion sickness?

Pack ginger candies, peppermint oil, or travel-sized anti-nausea medication. Encourage plenty of water and light snacks before and during the flight. Avoid greasy or heavy foods.

  • What do I do if my child throws a tantrum?

Stay calm, avoid arguing, and remove them from the situation if necessary. Offer quiet time, a walk up and down the aisle, or a distraction like a new book or snack. If the tantrum escalates, seek help from a flight attendant.

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