Risky Waters: Is the Right Merchant Account for You?

Operating a business in a high-risk industry can feel like sailing a stormy sea. Traditional payment processing companies often refuse service, leaving you stranded with limited options. aims to be your life raft in these turbulent waters, promising merchant accounts specifically designed for high-risk businesses. But before you jump aboard, let’s dive deeper and see if it’s truly the safe harbor you seek.

1. High-Risk Industries: Where Do You Fit In? caters to businesses deemed “high-risk” by traditional processors. This can include industries like adult entertainment, travel with high chargeback rates, nutraceuticals, and even e-commerce stores with limited operational history. Self-identifying as high-risk is crucial before exploring such specialized services.

2. The Features: What Does Offer?

Their website touts fast approvals, competitive rates, and a dedicated account manager, but the devil lies in the details. Explore their fee structure, contract terms, and chargeback policies thoroughly. Be wary of hidden costs and ensure the features align with your specific needs.

3. Trustworthy Captain? Scrutinizing Reviews and Reputation

Delve into online reviews and independent sources to assess’s reputation. Look for user experiences from businesses similar to yours, paying close attention to both positive and negative feedback. Be mindful of biased or incentivized reviews.

4. Charting the Course: Alternatives and Comparisons

Don’t limit yourself to one option. Compare with other high-risk merchant account providers like Elavon, PaymentCloud, or Authorize.Net. Evaluate fees, features, and customer service across different platforms before making a decision.

5. Transparency is Key: Ask Tough Questions

Don’t shy away from contacting directly. Ask specific questions about their risk assessment process, their approach to chargebacks, and any potential hidden fees. Transparency is vital before trusting your business finances to any provider.

6. Remember, You’re the Captain: Steer with Caution

Ultimately, the decision to partner with lies with you. Carefully assess your risk profile, compare options, and prioritize transparency. Remember, even with a specialized provider, operating in a high-risk industry requires responsible business practices and close monitoring of your finances.

Conclusion may be a viable option for some high-risk businesses, but proceed with caution and thorough research. Remember, you’re the captain of your financial ship, so navigate wisely and choose the harbor that best weathers the storm for your unique business journey.


  • Q: Is the only option for high-risk businesses?

A: No, it’s important to compare them with other providers like Elavon, PaymentCloud, or Authorize.Net to find the best fit for your specific needs and risk profile.

  • Q: What are the potential downsides of using

A: Be mindful of potentially higher fees, stricter chargeback policies, and contractual terms compared to traditional processors. Transparency is crucial – ask about hidden costs and thoroughly review their agreements.

  • Q: What are the key factors to consider before choosing a high-risk merchant account provider?

A: Your specific industry, risk profile, budget, customer reviews, and the provider’s transparency about fees, policies, and support are all crucial aspects to consider.

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