Power Suits and Punchlines: The Rise of Business Proposal Webtoons

The world of webtoons offers a diverse range of stories, and lately, a surprising genre has been climbing the charts: the business proposal webtoon. These webcomics combine the high-stakes world of corporate life with romance, comedy, and unexpected twists. Let’s dive into the appeal of this unique genre and explore some popular titles.

Why Business Proposals?

Business proposals might not sound like the most thrilling source material, but webtoon creators are finding humor and drama in the everyday struggles of office life. From competitive colleagues to demanding bosses, these stories offer relatable situations with a fantastical twist.

The Cinderella Effect with a Salary

Many business proposal webtoons feature a classic “Cinderella” dynamic. The protagonist, often an overworked office worker, finds themselves in an unexpected situation with a handsome CEO or coworker. This unexpected connection throws their professional lives into chaos, leading to hilarious and heartwarming situations.

Secret Identities and Workplace Shenanigans

The office setting provides a perfect backdrop for secret identities and workplace shenanigans. Imagine a down-to-earth employee pretending to be a wealthy socialite to appease their boss’s family, or a CEO falling for the voice on the other end of a customer service call without realizing it’s their own employee!

Breaking Down Barriers: Office Romance

Office romances are a staple of many genres, but business proposal webtoons often explore the unique challenges of dating within a company hierarchy. Will their feelings survive boardroom battles and office politics? These stories offer a realistic yet lighthearted take on navigating love and professional ambition.

Popular Business Proposal Webtoons

A Business Proposal: This hilarious series follows Ha-ri, who goes on a blind date for her friend only to discover her date is the CEO of her company!

Secretary Kim Gets Married:** A capable secretary decides to quit after nine years, leaving her handsome CEO scrambling to convince her to stay.

The Office Blind Date:** Two coworkers set each other up on blind dates, unaware they’re actually dating each other!

The Boardroom: Exploring Other Themes

While romance takes center stage in many business proposal webtoons, these stories also explore themes of ambition, self-worth, and navigating the complex corporate world. Readers can expect to find messages about female empowerment, workplace ethics, and the importance of pursuing your dreams.


Business proposal webtoons offer a delightful escape that blends the familiar with the unexpected. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, a heartwarming romance, or a glimpse into the world of corporate shenanigans, there’s a business proposal webtoon waiting to be discovered. So, grab your coffee (or tea!), settle in, and get ready to be entertained!


  • Why are business proposal webtoons so popular?

They offer relatable situations, humor, romance, and a fresh twist on familiar tropes.

  • Are there any business proposal webtoons that aren’t romantic?

Yes, some focus more on the challenges of office life and career development.

  • Where can I read business proposal webtoons?

Popular platforms include Webtoon, Tapas, and Lezhin Comics.

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