AHRC Business Links: A Streamlined Resource for Direct Support Professionals

The AHRC Association of Habilitation and Rehabilitation Centers is a leading organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As part of their commitment, AHRC Nassau provides a valuable online resource called “Business Links” specifically designed for Direct Support Professionals DSPs.

What are AHRC Business Links?

AHRC Business Links is a secure online portal that provides DSPs with essential information and resources to effectively support individuals with IDD. It serves as a one-stop shop for training materials, evaluation documents, and job-related tools.

Who can access AHRC Business Links?

AHRC Business Links is primarily intended for DSPs employed by AHRC Nassau. Authorized personnel can access the portal using their AHRC credentials.

What resources are available on AHRC Business Links?

Training Materials: Access training modules, videos, and guides to enhance your skills in supporting individuals with IDD.

Evaluation Documents: Find standardized forms to conduct initial and annual evaluations for DSPs.

Job Code Information: Learn about core competency job codes and their corresponding titles to better understand your career path within AHRC.

Employee Performance Evaluation: Access resources for self-evaluation and performance reviews to promote professional development.

Secure Email: Communicate securely with colleagues and supervisors within the AHRC network.

Benefits of Using AHRC Business Links

Improved Efficiency: The portal streamlines access to vital resources, saving time and effort for busy DSPs.

Enhanced Knowledge: Access to training materials and evaluation tools fosters continuous learning and professional growth.

Standardized Practices: Utilizing standardized forms ensures consistent and accurate evaluations.

Clearer Career Path: Understanding job code information empowers DSPs to navigate their career development within AHRC.

Secure Communication: The secure email system facilitates safe and reliable communication within the organization.


AHRC Business Links is a valuable asset for DSPs working at AHRC Nassau. By leveraging this online resource, DSPs can gain the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to deliver exceptional care to individuals with IDD.


  • Who can access AHRC Business Links?

AHRC Business Links is primarily for DSPs employed by AHRC Nassau. Authorized personnel can access the portal using their AHRC credentials.

  • What kind of training materials are available?

The specific training materials will vary depending on current needs and professional development initiatives at AHRC. However, the portal likely offers modules, videos, and guides on relevant topics such as positive behavioral interventions, supporting daily living activities, and promoting communication for individuals with IDD.

  • Are there resources for new DSPs?

AHRC Business Links likely includes resources specifically geared towards new DSPs. This might include onboarding materials, information about company policies and procedures, and access to mentorship programs.

  • How do I get help if I have trouble accessing AHRC Business Links?

For any technical difficulties accessing AHRC Business Links, it’s best to contact the AHRC Nassau IT Help Desk for assistance. Their contact information might be available on the AHRC intranet or through internal communication channels.

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